Really. Another Running Blog?

Why another running blog? Running is the one sport almost all of us can do. The same people who can’t hit a baseball, shoot a basketball, throw a football or whack a golf ball can run. Not only can they run but they can achieve the end goal of the race which is to cross the finish line. Whether the runner is a marathon champion, talented amateur or first-time competitor, they can all finish the race. It’s also the only sport where YOU can compete in the same major events as the world’s best. The same crowds cheering for the elites at the Boston Marathon, London Marathon or Los Angeles Marathon are also cheering for you as you run on the same streets. Try playing in the Super Bowl or stepping up to the plate during a game at Dodger Stadium. It’ll never happen. But it does in running all the time. How awesome is that?

So, why run? It’s a great way to lose weight. It has many health benefits such has strengthening the cardiovascular system and improving metabolism. It’s also a great way to push yourself to your limits. There are few things more strenuous for longer periods of time than running. Pushing yourself to your limits physically and mentally by running can give you the inspiration to do the same with your career and other dreams you want to make happen.

Why is my blog different? My goal is to help regular, everyday people like myself achieve their running goals. I understand you’re busy with work and life. You don’t have time to train like a pro or college athlete. You need to fit in a run when you can. I want to provide tips, tricks and personal stories to help you do that. Chances are if you’re reading, you’re either already a runner or interested in starting. Let me help motivate you and give you some value each time you come here.

There are many great coaches, gurus and others out there in the running world. I will share some of their thoughts and training methods too. Someone who wants to run to the best of their ability will incorporate multiple strategies and methods into their own customized plan. It’s what I do.

I will also share some medical and scientific information. Preventing injuries might be the most important thing a runner can do. There’s nothing worse than not being able to run because of an injury even if it’s minor. Trust me.

In my next post, I’ll tell you a bit about me and how I managed to work my way up from 5ks to finishing the world’s best marathons, all while working a grueling graveyard shift that constantly left me in a state of tiredness.






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