Running Away From Home

As I write this, I am away from home. I’ll be out of town for several weeks for a business trip so I thought it’d be appropriate and timely to discuss running away from home. Get it–do you like the play on words? Ok. Enough of my poor attempt at humor.

Running becomes part of our daily routine. Some of us run in the morning before work or taking kids to school. Others run in the afternoon/early evening after they get home from work. It’s just something built into the schedule. It’s a healthy habit once you make running part of your daily activities. That schedule gets thrown off-balance though when you have to  leave home for a few days or weeks, perhaps for business or pleasure in the form of vacation.

Running during vacation should be optional. Vacation is your time to relax and get away from your routine. That includes running. We all need a break from our daily activities and running is no different. Time off allows you to recharge and for your legs to rest. However, if you feel you need to run , then please do so. If it fits into your vacation plans and makes you feel good then go for it.

Greek Island of Lesvos. That’s some nice scenery to enjoy on a long run!

Running during a business trip or other trip away from home that is not vacation should be incorporated into your daily schedule. Why? It could relieve stress. Running will get you focused on–running. You can get away from thinking about if the potential client liked your presentation because you’ll be worried about that big, new hill. Including something from your daily activities while away from home can also give you a sense of familiarity. You’re continuing what you do at home to what you’re doing away from home. In a way, it’s like bringing your favorite blanket. Again, another way to reduce stress.

What’s the best thing to do to get started? First, figure out when is the best time to run. Second, find a route or two or three. You can go to websites such as or These sites use satellite maps to help you find a route and measure it. I’d recommend starting with a basic short loop of a mile or two or three. This is a simple route that should prevent you from getting lost in a strange area. You can run the loop a few times during one run to increase your mileage. You don’t want to start with a complicated route with several turns and several street changes if you’re not familiar with the area. Once you become more familiar with your surroundings then expand the routes.

Be extra mindful of safety. You don’t know how drivers are in your new area. You also don’t know the traffic light patterns and when and where sidewalks end. You also may not know how safe the neighborhood might be. This is especially important for women.

If you’re staying at a place with a fitness center, hit the treadmill if you’re feeling uncomfortable about running around the area. I know treadmills may be boring and not much of a challenge for some but it’s still running. That’s always better than not running at all. Most treadmills now keep track of distance and time so you’ll always know how “far” you ran.

Don’t let time away from home deter you from running. There are always a way to fit a run in during the day. Some new scenery might also increase motivation. It’s always fun to see different things on a run.

Running With You,



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