Berlin Marathon Training Week #1 Day 4

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Sunny, 75 degrees

Type of run: easy + 4 sprint strides

Length: 8.02 miles

Type of route: Small inclines and declines with a downhill from about the 5.5 mile mark to mile 6 then an uphill climb through most of mile 7. Sprint strides were about 90 meters with the first 40 to 45 meters consisting of a buildup to a sprint the remainder of the way

Time: 55 minutes, 12 seconds

Pace Per Mile: 6:53

Heart Rate: Ranged mostly from 145 to 152. It peaked at 157 while climbing uphill

Reason for this run: Easy-ish run after a tempo run and two days before my first competitive race on a track since an intramural meet in college. The sprint strides help improve my leg turnover and speed.

How did I feel?: Good. Pace was maybe a little fast but it didn’t feel hard at all. My legs felt fine after the run and sprints.

Running With You,



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