Berlin Marathon Training Week #1 Day 5 Saturday Race Preview

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Sunny, 81 degrees

Type of run: easy, pre-race

Length: 2.03 miles

Type of route: Small inclines and declines

Time: 14 minutes, 9 seconds

Pace Per Mile: 6:58

Reason for this run: This was a short, easy run a day before I race. Tomorrow morning, I’m participating in the Southern California USATF Masters Track & Field Championships at West LA College. This will be the first time competing in a track meet since 2000 when I ran the mile in an intramural meet in college.  I’m running the 5,000 meters and the 1,500 meters. I’ve never raced 5,000 meters on the track before so I’m excited to see how I do. I’ve always liked the 1,500 meter race so I entered that too just because. There’ll be close to two hours between each race so I’ll have plenty of time to recover. My goal is to have fun and see where I’m at time-wise in the 5,000 because it’ll give me a sense of my current conditioning level. Same goes with the 1,500. I’ll have a recap of the races on Sunday.

How did I feel?: Ok. Legs felt a little heavy today. I was a bit tired overall.

Running With You,



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