Berlin Marathon Training Week #2 Day 2

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Sunny, 82 degrees

Type of run: easy with hills + 4 sprint strides

Length: 7.09 miles

Type of route: gradual uphills and downhills with two hill climbs and two downhill descents

Time: 49 minutes, 38 seconds

Pace Per Mile: 7:00

Heart Rate: 152 average. It started out in the mid-140s for the first half of the run then elevated into the low to mid 150s in the second half of the run. Due to the warmer weather and hill climbs in the second half of the run this was not unusual.

Reason for this run: An easier run the day following a long or high-intensity run is the norm. I ran a route with two hill climbs to help build leg strength. The sprint strides help improve leg speed and running mechanics

How did I feel?: Fine. My legs didn’t hurt and the weather didn’t really bother me. The pacing was good. I made sure to take it easy and sustain a consistent effort.

Running With You,



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