Berlin Marathon Training Week #3 Day 5 Fontana Days 5k Preview and a New Toy

Location: Pasadena, CA

Temperature: Sunny, 66 degrees

Type of Run: Easy

Length: 4.06 miles

Type of route: flat with slight gradual inclines and declines

Time: 29 minutes, 12 seconds

Pace Per Mile: 7:12

Reason for Run: This was a short, easy run because I’m running the Fontana Days 5k tomorrow morning in lovely Fontana. I want to make sure my legs are somewhat rested before the race.

How did I feel? Good. I took it easy so I wouldn’t wear myself out before tomorrow’s race. The Fontana Days 5k is one of my favorite races. I’ve run it every year since 2009 except for 2015 when I was out due to a stress reaction in my lower right leg. The race is a straight shot down Sierra Ave. When I say down I mean down. It’s an all downhill race. It’s a nice gradual decline which means it’s a fast race that produces fast times. It starts just north of the 210 freeway and ends in front of city hall. I set my 5k personal record (PR) time of 16:21 on this course in 2012. However, due to the course being all downhill I put an asterisk next to the time. Also, the finish line was moved back in 2013 about 300 feet (perhaps to make it a more accurately measured 5k).

There’s prize money for the top three male and female finishers. It’s not much but it’s something. My best finish was 4th place twice. One year I missed third place by only 10 seconds. Last year, I finished 7th overall with a time of 16:56. What will I do this year? I have no idea on what place I’ll get because I have no idea how many top-flight runners are racing this year. As far as time, I should run under 17 minutes assuming I take the usual and proper pre-race steps like an adequate warm up and making sure I physically feel well, meaning no tummy aches or things like that.

I like running one race all downhill. It’s fun to see how fast you can go when the course helps you out. Since I enjoy the novelty of running downhill I like to participate in this race every year. I recommend you try it one year if racing suits you. There’s a half marathon too on this day that starts up in Lytle Creek and finishes next to city hall. The downhill descent for the first several miles is rough on the thighs from what I hear.

My New Toy

Thanks to my amazing and supportive wife (it helps immensely to have a spouse supportive of your running) I have a new toy pictured below.

If you’re a stats and numbers nerd you will totally geek out with this. 

The Garmin watch provides a treasure trove of data as you can see by looking at the box. It also links to Strava which I have now joined. The watch will do more than give me my time, pace, distance and heart rate. It will also give me information about my running form and how fast I am capable of running. (It predicts I can run a 5k in 17:22 which was my exact time two weeks ago when I raced) This additional information can help me figure out how I can improve as a runner. (I’ll review this data more specifically in a future blog post) I tested the watch out today and it worked great. It provided interesting data about my running that has already let me know that my form and cadence (steps per minute) are actually pretty good. I was pleased to see that. The watch comes with a heart rate monitor band to wear around the chest. It’s this band that records the additional data. I normally don’t wear heart rate monitors during races but I might tomorrow just to see what I can find out about how my body reacts during an actual race, especially one with the intensity of a 5k.

Running With You,



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