Berlin Marathon Training Week #4 Day 1 Out of Town Adjustments

Location: Salem, OR

Temperature: Mostly sunny, 73 degrees

Type of Run: Medium Pace

Length: 10.2 miles

Type of route: mostly flat

Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes, 10 seconds

Pace per mile: 6:53

Average Heart Rate: 150

Reason for Run: I’m out of town for work for the next two weeks. This means I have to adjust my training. Usually, Mondays are my long run days. However, because I’m working longer hours while out of town, I didn’t have the extra time for the extra miles. To keep my overall mileage for the week up despite not being able to complete a long run, I’m basically going to run 10 miles a day four times this week. No, it doesn’t make up for a long run but I am still getting in the miles which does count.

How did I feel? Good. The route was flat and unexciting. I did a loop 8 times. Yes, that can get boring but it wasn’t so bad. I negative split the last five miles, meaning I ran the last five miles faster than the first five. My final two miles were the fastest as I purposely picked up the pace. Since I’m not doing a long run this week, I want one of my 10-mile runs to be at least at a medium pace. Tomorrow, I will go easier.

Running With You,



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