Berlin Marathon Training Week #4 Day 6 Intervals to End a Week in Oregon

Location: Salem, OR

Temperature: Mostly cloudy, 56  degrees

Type of Run: Intervals

Length: 5 miles (4 x 1.25 miles) with 2:30 rest between each interval

Type of route: mostly flat

Time: 29 minutes, 2 seconds (7:21, 7:11, 7:19, 7:11)

Pace per mile: 5:48

Reason for Run: This was an interval workout consisting of fewer reps but a longer distance per rep. The goal was to work on my endurance and speed.

How did I feel? Good. I ate dinner before doing this workout which I rarely do before an evening run. I was worried the meal would make me slower as I would “feel heavy.” However, that wasn’t the case. I felt the pacing was solid. I didn’t take it extra hard or at a suicide pace. Today, my body and mind told me a nice steady, manageable, yet hard pace would be sufficient. I listened and that’s what I did. Your body and mind know best. This was the first week of this year I ran more than 50 miles. Most of the upcoming weeks leading up to the marathon will be 50+ miles.  Tomorrow is probably an off day for me as I’m traveling. Running in cool Oregon weather was nice. Salem has great areas to run through my experience being here earlier in the year. The west part of town, across the Willamette River, has some quality hills, nice parks and quiet neighborhoods and roads to run through. It’s now time to say good bye Salem and hello Eureka.

Running With You,



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