Berlin Marathon Training Week #5 Day 1 Eureka! I Found It

Location: Eureka, CA.
Temperature: Mostly cloudy, 55  degrees
Type of Run: Medium-Long
Length: 10.19 miles
Type of route: Mostly flat
Time: 1 hour, 13 minutes, 4 seconds
Pace per mile: 7:10
Reason for Run: I planned to take the day off but due to an unpredictable work schedule this week, I felt it was prudent to get in a run when the time was there. Because of time limitations, multiple 10-mile runs this week (if possible) will have to make up the mileage from the lack of a proper long run.
How did I feel? Good. I took it easy following an interval workout but did pick up the pace a bit the final two miles to practice negative splitting and pushing myself as if it was the end of a race. My work travels took me to Eureka today which is way, way up the northern California coast. My route took me through downtown Eureka which consists of a lot of little shops on the edge of Humboldt Bay. It wasn’t crowded at all being a late Sunday afternoon. The town is rather small and quaint.  It’s interesting to run in different areas because it keeps you motivated to run so you can explore. Running is a great way to become familiar with an area.
Running With You,


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