Berlin Marathon Training Week #5 Day 3 East Bay Tempo Run

Location: Hayward, CA.

Temperature: 69 degrees

Type of Run: Tempo

Length: 7.16 miles

Type of route: Mostly flat

Time: 43 minutes, 40 seconds

Pace per mile: 6:06

Average heart rate: 155

Reason for Run: A weekly tempo run builds endurance and speed. It trains the body to get used to higher intensity running. This will allow you to race well as the faster pace won’t be such a shock.

How did I feel? Mostly good. I say mostly because I had to stop after 3 miles for several minutes for a potty break. That may sound like TMI but if you run enough, you’ll have to stop on occasion for potty breaks. It happens to every runner from the beginner to the world’s best as you can see here. I hate stopping in the middle of a run but there was nothing I could do unless I wanted to have a mid-run accident. No thanks. After the unintended break, I ran the final four miles at a similar pace as the first three. My mile splits were rather consistent so I was happy with that because it meant I didn’t slow down toward the end of the run.


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