Berlin Marathon Training Week #6 Day 1 A Proper Long Run


Temperature: Sunny, 83 degrees

Type of Run: Long

Length: 16.38 miles

Type of route: Gradual inclines and declines with three hill climbs

Time: 2 hours, 1 minute, 21 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:24

Average heart rate: 147

Reason for Run: This was a long run. The purpose of the long run is to build endurance. It can improve the body’s ability to use both glycogen and fat as a fuel sources for muscles as well as build heart strength.

How did I feel? Ok. Today’s long run was much better than the last long run a couple weeks ago in which I ran too fast. I took it easy the whole way. The heat and slight humidity were a factor in making the run tough. When there’s not a cloud in the sky, the sun can really beat on you, making it feel much hotter than what it is. It can make the run seem grueling which it did at times. This can test your mental toughness as it’s very easy to stop. When running long in warm weather be sure to hydrate the night before and run with water or a hydration drink in a bottle/s or a camelbak so you can get fluids into your body to avoid dehydration.

Why did I run long a day after an interval/speed workout? I’ll be out of town again for work for two days later this week so I may be unable to run on one or both days. Therefore, I decided to run today when normally I would take Sunday off. I ran long because I had plenty of time early in the day to run and figured running long today would be better than tomorrow when I might be more tired after work. This is a “Do as I say not as I do.”  situation. Generally, I and you should run easy or take the day off after a hard workout such as an interval workout, long run or tempo run. You want to give your body time to recover from the hard effort. Being in pretty good shape, I can get away with back-to-back hard efforts on occasion. It’s something I rarely do and only did because of my upcoming work schedule. When you’re a regular person, adjustments to your running schedule have to be made due to things like work. With careful planning, this can be done.


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