Berlin Marathon Training Week #6 Day 2 An Easy Day With Some Hills

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Sunny, 85 degrees

Type of Run: Easy With Hills

Length: 7.09 miles + 5 sprint strides

Type of route: Two hills climbs with two downhill descents mixed with some gradual inclines and declines and flat portions

Time: 51 minutes, 30 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:16

Average heart rate: 140

Reason for Run: This was a recovery run meant to be taken easy after a hard workout such as a long run. I chose a route with two solid hill climbs to build leg strength and work on running form. The sprint strides help improve leg turnover and speed.

How did I feel? Fine. I took it easy today so the warm weather didn’t really bother me as I kept my intensity low. I’ve been trying to slow down more on easy day runs to help my legs recover. So far, it’s been working. During the middle of training, my legs almost never seem fresh. This is by design. In a marathon during the late stages of the race, your legs start to feel tired, achy and heavy. It’s at this time you need to increase the intensity to try to maintain your current pace. It’s easier to do with experience running on fatigued legs.

Also, during the early part of my run, I saw the Run With Us Monday Fun Run group. I’ve run with this group a few times. It’s a great way to meet fellow runners and run with other people. They have 4 and 6-mile run options along with a 5k walk. It’s not competitive and there’s someone there who’s at your pace. See this blog post if you’re considering running with a group.

Running With You,



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