Berlin Marathon Training Week #6 Day 4 Another Super Early Run

Location: Tulare, CA.

Temperature: Clear, 75 degrees with 79% humidity

Type of Run: Easy

Length: 8.11 miles

Type of route: Flat

Time: 59 minutes, 53 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:23

Average heart rate: 135

Reason for Run: This was a recovery run meant to be taken easy after a hard workout like a tempo run.

How did I feel? Fine. Again, I had to run roughly at 3:30am due to 100+ degree temperatures during the day. I had a pleasant experience running that early in the morning before so I did it again. The high humidity does make things uncomfortable as I was drenched in sweat following the run. That may sound gross. Well, I felt gross. I ran the same route as the morning before except I did it in reverse and added about a mile. I chose the same route because I didn’t want to venture off and get lost in a town I don’t know. I wore reflective gear again. I only saw two or three cars. I took it easy although the effort felt a little faster than my pace probably because I ran so early and the humidity was bothersome to a point. All in all, I was happy with the run. Tomorrow will be another run home.

Running With You,



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