Berlin Marathon Training Week #6 Day 6 A Challenging Interval Workout

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Partly Cloudy, 68 degrees

Type of Run: Intervals/Speed

Length: 8 miles (8 x 1-mile)

Type of route: 400-meter oval track

Time: 46 minutes, 13 seconds (5:47, 5:46, 5:47, 5:47, 5:45, 5:48, 5:47, 5:46)

Pace per mile: 5:47

Average heart rate: 163

Reason for Run: This interval workout is designed to build both speed and stamina. Mile repeats can also improve running efficiency. The rest between each mile was between 1 minute and 1:30. I purposely kept the rest short to mimic a longer race in which there would be no breaks. My pace was a bit faster than my half marathon pace which was by design. I wanted to push myself to see if I could sustain a pace under 5:55 for all 8 miles.

How did I feel? Good. First, the weather was nice compared to what it has been. Of course it helped I ran in the morning so it was cooler. 8 miles is a long interval session but one that will prepare you for a half marathon or marathon both physically and mentally. The mental part comes with having to push yourself to sustain a fast pace for all 8 miles. I was pleased with my pace and the consistency considering I usually give myself a longer break in between each mile. Again, I limited my break to mimic a long race situation. The workout was a success as I felt like I had another mile or two in me. That’s always a good feeling when you finish an interval workout.

I just felt like the blog needed a pic again. Here’s a flashback to earlier this month at the Fontana Days 5k in which I won! Yay me!


Running With You,



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