Berlin Marathon Training Week #7 Day 2 A Solid Long Run

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Mostly sunny, 84 degrees

Type of Run: Long

Length: 17 miles

Type of route: Gradual inclines and declines with some flat areas, two hill climbs and one hill descent

Time: 2 hours, 3 minutes, 52 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:17

Average heart rate: 143

Reason for Run: Long runs are meant to improve endurance and build leg strength. If done correctly, long runs can also help the body burn fat as fuel along with glycogen. This will help prevent “bonking” in marathons which is when a person gets really fatigued in the legs to the point that continuing to run is too exhausting. It happens because there’s no more glycogen for the muscles to burn and they haven’t become efficient at burning fat yet. Long runs can also help increase the amount of energy delivered to muscles. Long runs of 15 miles or more are a staple in marathon training and should be done at least three times a month in the three months leading up to the race.

How did I feel? Good. My goal was to take it easy due to the warm weather and because I didn’t want to exhaust myself for no reason. I purposely started at a comfortable pace. I felt good the first few miles and continued to run comfortably. My pacing was fairly consistent which was good. I wore my camelbak and had plenty of liquid in there to drink throughout the run to avoid dehydration. I’d recommend everyone carry water or some kind of liquid with them on long runs whether it’s in a camelbak, hand-held water bottle or on a water bottle belt. You’ll need to drink to avoid dehydration. I kept  a steady pace and picked it up slightly the last two miles. When I finished, I felt I could’ve gone another mile or two. That’s a great feeling to have after a traditional long run because it means you ran it correctly.

Running With You,



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