Berlin Marathon Training Week #7 Day 5 A Run Cut Too Short

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Clear evening sky, 68 degrees

Type of Run: Easy but was supposed to be medium-long

Length: 3.8 miles

Type of route: Mostly flat with a slight incline and decline

Time: 28 minutes, 15 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:26

Average heart rate: 132

Reason for Run: I had planned on running 11 miles for a medium-long run with the goal of building endurance and strength. However, I had to cut the run short.

How did I feel? Unwell. I cut the run short because I didn’t feel well physically. I felt stomach and intestinal cramps. I also felt gas trapped in my GI system. Yeah, that may sound like TMI but it’s very uncomfortable to keep running when you feel trapped gas that is neither coming nor going. It just sits in your system doing nothing except make your run difficult. Throw in the cramps and I just decided enough was enough. I stopped at 3.8 miles and chose not to continue. This happens on occasion. I wasn’t too upset missing out on the extra 7 miles. Those 7 miles won’t make or break the marathon for me. I hate stopping a workout but I had no choice. I just did not feel well. I felt it prudent to lick my wounds, go home, shower, take some medicine, sleep and get back out there the next day. Find out if I did…

Running With You,



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