Berlin Marathon Training Week #7 Day 6 Bouncing Back From a Bad Day

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Cloudy morning, 64 degrees

Type of Run: Intervals

Length: 6.21 miles (10 x 1,000 meters)

Type of route: 400-meter oval track

Time: 34 minutes, 47 seconds (3:33, 3:29, 3:32, 3:28, 3:27, 3:28, 3:27, 3:28, 3:28, 3:27)

Pace per mile: 5:36

Average heart rate: 157

Reason for Run: This is a weekly interval workout designed to improve speed endurance, strength and running efficiency, including leg turnover. Intervals, or speed workouts as I usually call them, are a staple of competitive runners at any distance. If you want to improve your times and performance, you need to do these. Period. They don’t have to be done on the track. They can be done on the street, trail or wherever. They’ll help your body get used to high-intensity efforts which will allow you to perform better during races Your body will be used to hard and fast efforts after adapting to the interval workouts you put it through. For this effort, I gave myself only 1:10 and 1:30 rest between each interval. I wanted my body to feel like it was racing a fast 10k so I limited the rest.

How did I feel? Very good. This was a great bounce back from the evening before when my GI system decided it didn’t want me to run. There was no physical distress at all. I felt fine. I was pleased with the consistency, especially since the rest period was so short. 10 x 1,000 meters with 1:10 to 1:30 rest between each rep is not an easy workout at all. However, I felt strong enough afterward that I could’ve done one or two more reps. That’s a great feeling when you know you ran hard. Week #7 in the books.

Running With You,



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