Berlin Marathon Training Week #8 Day 1 A Run Up Some Hilly Streets

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Mostly sunny, 70 degrees

Type of Run: Easy but with some hill climbs

Length: 9.16 miles

Type of route: Three fairly steep hill climbs, three downhill descents along with some gradual inclines and declines

Time: 1 hour, 6 minutes, 19 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:14

Average heart rate: 136

Reason for Run: This was a maintenance run, meaning it was a run to boost weekly mileage while also keeping me active. These runs are important as they keep a person active between harder workouts. The pace is usually easy or moderate. I chose to incorporate difficult hill climbs to challenge myself and improve leg strength. Running up hills strengthens your quad muscles and other muscles in your legs more because the steepness forces them to be used differently. Anytime the muscles have to adjust to what they normally do, they adapt to the new challenge and get stronger. This is why increasing weight or reps during weight lifting every week or so is the best way to improve muscle strength. You need to challenge the muscles to make them stronger.

This is the famous Colorado Street Bridge. I didn’t run on it this day but I did run under it. I just thought it’d be a fun picture to include.

How did I feel? Good. I kept the pace easy due to the hill climbs. I ran up the infamous Arbor Street which is crazy steep and well-known to all Pasadena-area runners who’ve traversed around the south Arroyo Blvd. area. One look will make you cringe at the thought of running up it. I also ran up Bellefontaine Drive and Arroyo Drive under the Colorado Street bridge. All three climbs have portions that are over 10%. That means STEEP! Because I kept the pace easy these climbs were manageable. Of course I did get to run down Rosemont Street into the Rose Bowl area and I also ran down California Blvd. from Orange Grove Blvd. to Arroyo Blvd. (that’s a lot of Blvds.) so those were fun. Who doesn’t have fun running downhill? Although if you run too far downhill your quads will begin to hurt badly and you’ll be sore the next day or two. That’s not fun! Overall, this run was a quality workout.

Running With You,



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