Berlin Marathon Training Week #9 Day 2 A Faster Long Run

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Mostly sunny around sunset, 84 degrees

Type of Run: Long

Length: 16.38 miles

Type of route: gradual inclines and declines with two hill climbs and one hill descent..part of run was done on Rose Bowl 5k loop

Time: 1 hour, 51 minutes, 20 seconds

Pace per mile: 6:48

Average heart rate: 154

Reason for Run: This was a harder than usual long run. The goal was to get the body used to running at hard efforts during a long run so it can be prepared for the marathon in which the entire way is done at a hard effort. Instead of just going easy the whole way, I ran easy for the first 2 miles. Miles 3 to 6 were run at marathon race pace. Miles 7 to 10 were easy. Miles 11 to 14 were at marathon race pace. The final 2-plus miles were easy. It would be too taxing on the body to run hard the entire way so I split up the hard efforts in two 4-mile segments. I also did that to train myself to pick up the pace in the middle of a run. A marathon requires you to start slower than your goal race pace then pick up speed after the first several miles. I chose to run miles 11 to 14 hard because it would require me to give a marathon race-pace effort on fatigued legs which, obviously, will be required in the big race. I got the idea of this challenging workout from this article. I’ll only do one more hard long run like this before the marathon so as not to wear out my body.

How did I feel? Very good. I knew this would be a tough workout so I prepared myself by making sure I was hydrated properly. I also kept myself prepared mentally by telling myself I could do this workout but not to get too hung up on time. Effort and the feeling of pushing myself were the two things I wanted to accomplish. The average mile pace for the first 4-mile hard segment was 6:16. Half of the segment was slightly uphill and the second half was slightly downhill. The time was a little faster than my goal race pace which is between 6:18 and 6:28. The second 4-mile hard segment was run at the average mile pace of 6:26. The first 2.5 miles were uphill and it was later in the run so no surprise my time slowed. However, it was still in my goal race pace range so I was pleased. My legs held up well. Yes, they and my body were fatigued, which is normal, but I wasn’t hurting. This challenging workout gave my confidence I can handle future tough workouts and maybe even PR in Berlin. We’ll see!

Running With You,



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