Berlin Marathon Training Week #10 Day 1 Putting in Mileage

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Mostly sunny, 88 degrees

Type of Run: Medium easy

Length: 9.11 miles

Type of route: some flat areas, gradual inclines and declines with two tough hill climbs and one hill descent

Time: 1 hour, 7 minutes, 23 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:24

Average heart rate: 142

Reason for Run: This run is meant to add to the weekly mileage total. It’s what I call a medium-easy run. It’s done at an easy and comfortable pace but because it’s nine miles it’s not completely easy, hence medium-easy. A run like this helps maintain endurance.

How did I feel? Decent. I have training legs, meaning my legs are fatigued. When they’re fatigued, they sometimes feel heavy. Of course, they’re no heavier than they’ve been in actuality but they can feel like heavy columns. When they feel heavy, it feels like I’m plodding along like some kind of work ox or mule. I partially exaggerate. Like I’ve written before, this is all part of training. As a runner, you deal with it. Period. Fortunately, after this week, I’ll be dialing it back the next few weeks as a I prep for a half-marathon in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night! More on that fun race later.

Running With You,



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