Berlin Marathon Training Week #11 Day 1 A Shorter Long Run This Time

Location: Pasadena, Glendale and Eagle Rock, CA.

Temperature: Mostly cloudy, 78 degrees, 60% to 64% humidity

Type of Run: Long

Length: 16.7 miles

Type of route: Long incline up hillside street, long decline down hillside street, gradual inclines and declines with a short hill climb on Rosemont Street near the Rose Bowl

Time: Approx. 2 hours, 5 minutes

Pace per mile: 7:29

Average heart rate: 145

Reason for Run: The long run is meant to boost endurance, leg strength and mental toughness. If you’re going to run a marathon you need to have the ability to run a long distance. The only way to do that is to run long in training at least once a week or once every two weeks depending on age and fitness level. I cut the mileage down from last week because I’m tapering to prepare for this half marathon in two weeks. I want to give my legs some recovery time so I can race well.

I chose a different route than my usual ones because I wanted to do something different to avoid boredom. I ran on the streets of the hills between Pasadena and Glendale before ending up on Colorado Blvd. through Eagle Rock. I ended up near the Rose Bowl and back home. The climb in the hills was challenging. There was a long downhill stretch too which I took easy to save my quad muscles future aches and pains. Running downhill is fun but it taxes the quad muscles so you have to be careful how hard and long you go.

There really is an Eagle Rock in Eagle Rock. Here it is! (Photo credit: City of Los Angeles Office of Historic Resources)

How did I feel? Good. My legs weren’t as fatigued as last week when I ran 20 miles. I do, however, seem to have a lingering ache in my quad muscles on my left leg. I’ll have to try to massage the area to see if it feels better. Sometimes muscles get strained during training.

The temperature was cooler today thanks to the clouds but it was quite humid at about 60% so that made things a little uncomfortable as the run progressed. The hill climbing was tough but because I kept the pace easy it was manageable.  I forgot to start my GPS watch crossing Figueroa at Colorado Blvd. until after a half-mile or kilometer which is why my data on Strava doesn’t match what I’m writing here. The new route made things interesting though I dislike running on major streets because cars are noisy and I don’t like stopping multiple times at stop lights although I got pretty lucky today with my timing as I had to only stop three times.

Running With You,



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