Berlin Marathon Training Week #11 Day 2 A New Recovery Run on an Old Route

Location: Hacienda Heights, CA.

Temperature: Mostly sunny, 77 degrees, approx 65% humidity

Type of Run: Easy

Length: 5.27 miles

Type of route: gradual inclines and declines

Time: 38 minutes, 11 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:15

Average heart rate: 139

Reason for Run: This was a recovery run following a long run. The purpose is to take it easy a day after a tough and long workout that taxes the legs. Long runs, even at an easy pace, wear out the legs more than tempo runs or interval/speed workouts. I usually go 6 to 6.5 miles for a recovery run but since I’m tapering for a half marathon I cut the distance.

How did I feel? Fine. Usually, I would include sprint strides at the end of this workout to improve leg turnover and speed. However, I didn’t do that today because of that nagging pain in my left thigh. The pain isn’t all that bad. It doesn’t bother me all day but it does affect the start of my runs as it hurts when I make impact with the ground. I massaged my thigh before the run which seemed to help as I felt less pain as the run progressed and less pain right now.

I ran in my hometown of Hacienda Heights. I ran a route I made up as a 16-year-old when I ran cross country and track at Los Altos High School a long, long time ago. Suffice to say, I know the route quite well. It’s a good mix of gradual uphill and downhill.  At the time it was on the longer end of my runs. Now, it’s on the shorter end. Go figure.

Running With You,



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