Berlin Marathon Training Week #11 Day 3 A Long, Humid Tempo Run

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Sunny, 81 degrees, 55% to 61% humidity

Type of Run: Tempo

Length: 8.72 miles

Type of route: gradual incline to start, downhill descent followed by gradual incline and decline around Rose Bowl 5k loop then uphill climb on Rosemont Drive followed by mostly flat back home

Time: 56 minutes, 30 seconds

Pace per mile: 6:29

Average heart rate: 165

Reason for Run: A tempo run builds strength, endurance, speed and mental toughness. The goal is to run comfortably fast. You want to train your body to run hard all the way through so it can adapt to the pace. This way, it’ll be ready for the intensity of a race. Interval workouts are usually done at a faster pace but there are rest periods. There are no rest periods usually during tempo runs. It’s hard from start to finish. Again, you want to mimic a race. How can your body handle the intensity of a race if you never run hard for long periods of time? I chose the length because I want to build endurance at a hard effort to prep for both my upcoming half marathon and the marathon.

How did I feel? So-so. The humidity and sun bothered me today along with fatigued legs. The data on my GPS watch indicated as much. My average heart rate was 165 with a max heart rate today of 179. That’s quite high especially for my average mile pace today. The data also told me my performance compared to my average fitness level was way down. No surprise. It wasn’t the worst run though. The pain in my left thigh seems to be going away. My pacing wasn’t terrible although I did want to go faster. I wanted to slowly increase the pace to mimic a marathon.

I chose this route because the first 3 miles are uphill and the first 6 miles of the alien-themed half marathon I’m running in a week-and-a-half is uphill. My first mile was 6:39 which was about 5 to 10 seconds slower than what I had wanted. My second and third miles were 6:32 and 6:35, respectively. My miles after that were all faster which was good but I did start to feel fatigue, not just in my legs but overall. The humidity and warm sun just got to me today. I did sleep enough and my hydration was adequate so I’m chalking it up to one of those days. Conditions just weren’t right to have a great run so I’ll have to settle for a so-so run and move on.

Running With You,



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