Berlin Marathon Training Week #11 Day 4 Some Hill Climbs on Recovery Run and More Leg Fatigue

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Sunny, 83 degrees, 57% to 61% humidity

Type of Run: Easy

Length: 7.09 miles

Type of route: some small gradual inclines and declines with two hill climbs and two hill descents

Time: 52 minutes, 36 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:25

Average heart rate: 146

Reason for Run: This was an easy-paced recovery run following a tempo run. Usually, this run would be 8 to 10 miles. However, since I’m tapering for a half marathon in a week-and-a-half I cut the mileage down to 7. I threw in two hill climbs just because.

How did I feel? Decent. Again, the humidity was annoying. My left thigh was a bit stiff with some pain to start and I could feel the fatigue in my other thigh too but both areas loosened and weren’t a problem after 3.5 miles. The fatigue in both legs is enough to have me debating whether to run tomorrow at all. My legs might be telling me a short break is needed. That break’s timing would be good since I need to make sure my legs are fresh before the half marathon anyway. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow after I wake up.

Running With You,



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