Berlin Marathon Training Week #11 Day 5 A Run Not on Land

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Sunny, 83 degrees

Type of Run: Stationary bike + Aqua Jogging

Length: N/A

Type of route: N/A

Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Pace per mile: N/A

Average heart rate: N/A

Reason for Run: I decided to take a day off from running on land due to the nagging pain in my left thigh. I opted for stationary bike riding and running in the pool at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center. Both these exercises offer great cardiovascular fitness with no repeated ground impact. It’s the impact with the ground that can irritate and strain the muscles which I wanted to avoid today. I rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes then ran in the pool for 40 minutes. Aqua jogging’s benefits are listed here. Basically, you run in the pool (without your feet hitting the bottom) as if you were on land. Of course, because you’re in water, you’ll be moving quite slow as water offers a lot of resistance. To do this, all you need is a flotation belt to keep you upright in the water. The RBAC has plenty so I just grabbed one and jumped into the water. I rode a stationary bike and ran in the pool for 4 to 6 weeks two summers ago when I was recovering from a stress reaction in my right shin. A stress reaction is a precursor to a fracture. The doctor recommended running in the pool to maintain some fitness while avoiding ground impact which would prevent the stress reaction from healing. Personally, I think aqua jogging is a great way to burn calories and maintain some fitness, especially while injured, but it’s not the same as regular running and not an adequate substitute if you are injury-free.


The Rose Bowl Aquatics Center is a great place to rehab if you can’t run on land. 

How did I feel? Good. The stationary bike worked some different leg muscles. I credit the stationary bike two summers ago with strengthening my groin muscles which have not been sore or problematic like they would sometimes be prior. The aqua jogging was solid. My Garmin GPS watch was set on run mode in the pool and it said I “ran” more than 3 miles. Aqua jogging does offer a good workout but I didn’t feel as tired probably because my heart rate was a lot lower than what it would be running. It’s normal to have a lower heart rate while exercising in the pool for several reasons. One reason is that water naturally cools the body. I felt I needed some fitness today and I got that. I will probably take tomorrow off entirely to rest my muscles completely. I will probably also take Sunday off too. I had planned on doing an interval workout tomorrow but rest and injury avoidance are much more important. It’s frustrating as heck to deviate from the schedule but I have to listen to my body. If it says rest then rest it is. It’ll be a restless rest but that’s another topic for another day 😉

Running With You,



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