Berlin Marathon Training Week #12 Day 2 A Short Run

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Mostly sunny, 92 degrees, 46-52% humidity with a 70 degree dew point (it was gross outside again)

Type of Run: Easy

Length: 4.06 miles

Type of route: mostly flat

Time: 28 minutes, 19 seconds

Pace per mile: 6:58

Average heart rate: 155

Reason for Run: This was a short run designed to be done a few days before a big race. I kept the mileage low as part of the tapering to keep my legs fresh for the half marathon. I picked up the pace each mile and had negative splits. I increased the intensity of the run to give my body the feel again of running at a harder pace.

How did I feel? Mostly good again. My left thigh felt slightly better than yesterday but still not 100%. There was no dull pain like there was yesterday but the pain that was there was centered in a different area and was slightly sharper. The good news is there was no pain in my leg following the run or now. This gives me hope I’ll feel even better Saturday night. The weather was horrible. Not only was it hot but it was muggy. The humidity was what it has been in the past few weeks but the dew point rose above 70 degrees. When the dew point gets that high, it starts to feel muggy. The bad weather conditions are what caused my heart rate to be on the higher side of things both today and yesterday. It’s because my body can’t cool itself effectively. Had this been a normal week of running 50 to 65 miles, my pacing would be much slower and any hard run I would do would be done in the evening or early morning to avoid high temperatures.

Running With You,



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