Berlin Marathon Training Week #12 Day 3 Pre-Race Run

Location: Pasadena, CA.

Temperature: Sunny, 90 degrees, 52% humidity with a 70 degree dew point (it was gross outside again)

Type of Run: Easy

Length: 3.45 miles

Type of route: mostly flat

Time: 24 minutes, 43 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:10

Average heart rate: 147

Reason for Run: This was a short pre-race run in preparation for the ET Full Moon Half Marathon which is tomorrow night/morning at 12:30am. I wanted to get my legs a little bit of work before the race but not too much. I don’t them want them tired but rather loose and ready to go before the race.


Destination: Rachel, NV. Home of the Little Alieinn and who knows what other humanoid-type creatures.

How did I feel? Mostly good. My left thigh is slightly better than yesterday but there still is some pain. The pain though is not enough to make the run awkward or cause me to put more weight on my right side or negatively affect my stride. Because of this, I think I can manage a full 13.1 miles tomorrow. I will stretch tonight and massage my legs to keep my muscles loose especially since my calves are a little tight now. The awful weather does make running tough. Fortunately, the race weather will be in the upper 60s to low 70s with no humidity. The temperatures are much cooler than in Las Vegas because it’s at altitude. The race starts at about 4,700 feet before climbing to a peak of about 5,500 feet before descending back down to 4,700 feet. Hopefully, no aliens, MIBs or government agents around Area 51 will abduct me during the run.

Running With You,



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