Berlin Marathon Training Week #13 Day 1 A Short Run Out of Town

Location: Modesto, CA.

Temperature: Sunset, 83 degrees

Type of Run: Easy

Length: 4.58 miles

Type of route: flat

Time: 34 minutes, 15 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:28

Average heart rate: 136

Reason for Run: This was a short, easy run on Thursday following my half marathon on Saturday night/Sunday morning. It was my first run since the race. I wanted to give my legs a chance to recover after racing 13.1 miles. The plan is to build up to 60-plus miles a week. I’ll do that with a reverse taper. Instead of decreasing toward race day, I’ll increase away from it.

How did I feel? Fine. The weather was on the warmer side. I’m in Modesto for work and will be here for a couple more day before heading to Santa Maria where the weather is supposed to be very nice, which should help my running. I took it easy and didn’t push myself. I wanted to see how my legs felt. The left thigh is still a little sore but less so.

Running With You,



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