Berlin Marathon Training Week #13 Day 2 Knowing When to Stop

Location: Modesto, CA.

Temperature: Sunset, 89 degrees

Type of Run: Easy

Length: 3 miles

Type of route: flat

Time: 21 minutes, 52 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:17

Average heart rate: 169

Reason for Run: This was supposed to be an easy 6-mile run. However, I had to cut it short due to not feeling well.

How did I feel? Sickly and dehydrated. I stopped the run at 3 miles due to feeling unwell. It was a combination of warm, slightly humid weather, fighting off a minor cold, fatigue and tiredness from lack of sleep and dehydration. I started to get a little woozy so I stopped immediately. My heart was racing and the data indicated my average heart rate was 169, which was way, way too high for an easy run. I read up on dehydration and heart palpitations and an accelerated heart rate are both symptoms. In hindsight, I never should’ve tried to run. I didn’t feel all that well before heading out the door and could feel my heart racing beforehand. The first two miles felt unusually difficult considering my pace too. This is a good lesson to be learned. If you feel unwell during a run shut it down immediately. If you feel unwell before attempting a run–stay inside and rest. There’s no sense in forcing the issue as you may end up getting hurt or making the situation worse. I thought I could handle 6 miles but I was wrong so I stopped. As of this writing, I feel better and my heart rate is back to normal. I am taking Saturday off to rest. I’ll reevaluate Sunday and go from there. If the body says no, it’s no.

Running With You,



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