Berlin Marathon Training Week #14 Day 1 Getting Back to Normal

Location: Santa Maria, CA.

Temperature: Sunny, 67 degrees

Type of Run: Easy

Length: 6.31 miles

Type of route: flat

Time: 44 minutes, 59 seconds

Pace per mile: 7:08

Average heart rate: 141

Reason for Run: This was an easy run meant to gauge my physical condition to see if I can resume a regular marathon training week following my abrupt stop in the middle of a training run on Friday due to fatigue, a slight cold and dehydration.

How did I feel? Much, much better! Plus, no pain in my left thigh! As far as I’m concerned, this run was fantastic. The weather in Santa Maria was significantly cooler than anywhere else I’ve run since Salem, Oregon in mid-June, with the exception of last week’s overnight half marathon. The cooler weather makes such a big difference when running. Never underestimate how much hot weather can affect the body. It felt so good not feeling any discomfort in my thigh. My heart rate was back to normal for this run and there was no lingering effects of Friday’s fatigue and dehydration. The only thing that remains are some effects from the cold like a slight cough and some minor nasal congestion. Other than that, I felt like I could’ve run 14 to 15 miles. That’s a great feeling to have. Let’s hope the rest of this week goes as well as today. There’s nothing like the feeling of being pain and fatigue-free when running. I felt like nothing could stop me. That’s the best feeling you want when you run.

Running With You,



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